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Fault Eraser VR-EU6

Fault Eraser VR-EU6



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Our error code erasers are designed to help commercial vehicle owners and operators save money and reduce downtime by eliminating the need for costly repairs and downtime related to engine and system issues. With our plug-and-play design, our error code erasers are easy to use. At a great price point, our error code erasers are a cost-effective solution for commercial vehicle owners and operators looking to keep their vehicles on the road. With a reliability guarantee, you can trust our error code erasers to provide the information you need to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix problems with your commercial vehicles.


How does it work?

The eraser works like any service tester, in the Volvo truck dealership, i.e. after connecting to the 16-pin plug in the truck, turn on the ignition and press the button-> a procedure is sent to all modules installed in the car so that the errors are deleted, After about 2 seconds the tester will to know by the blink of a large light that the procedure has been sent successfully.

Whats it for?

With truck tractors, deadlines are chasing and they have to earn money for the boss, which is why any error can cause delays in deliveries, and thus penalties, etc. In the event of ADBLUE errors, after 20 hours the power is cut off in a truck, you can’t go anywhere with such a tractor, just plug in the eraser to delete the errors and 20 hours of power cut off are counted again.

Of course, you can go to the service and pay EUR 100-200 for a one-time error erasure, but why?

Besides, if you have experience in international transport, you probably know that in the EU, the service will not simply erase your errors … they will fix everything, replace what’s broken and only then let your driver go with a bill for a few thousand euros … that’s why I believe that the driver can delete the errors himself, quickly straight and continue his route to the destination … And when he comes to his company, then the mechanics on the base will fix what is needed … In the case of driving to the European Union, the services attach a diagnostic computer to the tractor, e.g England, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and soon also Polish etc….

Unfortunately, if there are errors after the so-called magnet, there are fines from 2 to about 5 thousand euros….

If there are no errors in the tractor –> then there is no basis for issuing a ticket 😉 The eraser can also be used as a quick diagnostic code reader to erase errors, i.e. in the case of “digging and repairing” electronics in the tractor, e.g. halogen installation, etc., instead of turning on the PC, connecting the tester, just use my eraser in a few seconds, quickly and effectively .


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